Dana Schmit, President


I hope you are all getting to enjoy your summer.  Ours will fly by too quick as it always does, but we will manage to squeeze in as much fun as possible with every moment we get. I am dreading the end of summer this year as my boys will begin Kindergarten, while they are very excited and feel ready I feel like there is no way they should be old enough to be   going and am a little afraid of how quickly they will realize they don’t “need” me as much as I like them to. This is one change I’m not looking forward to but am fully aware is necessary, whether or not I like it.


Speaking of changes we have a couple of new things to bring to everyone’s attention. I’m sure you’ve all gotten the letters from the State Board of Dental Examiners informing us of their intentions to start doing more random audits and how they would like everyone to set up CEzoom accounts. Many of you have been lucky enough to have already set up these accounts, as this is how NDDHA now handles registration for the CEs we offer. There is no cost to set up your account and once set up you can register for CEs, NDDHA will have our Fall CE session available sometime in late July or early August and you can even find some free online CEs to attend on there. Don’t forget to take pictures of CE            certificates from CEs offered outside of CEzoom and you can upload all that information to your account as well!  Use the Q&A section on the website to help find answers to many questions, they have tried their best to make everything easily accessible.


Another significant change NDDHA has had to make involves the amount of CEs we can provide as an organization. Unfortunately, our meeting attendance numbers have gone down, we’ve tried some different things and haven’t had success with getting our numbers up so have decided to no longer provide CE in the Spring and will be revamping how our Fall meetings run. This year things will be a little different but we anticipate Fall of 2019 to involve even more changes. Our hope is to be able to provide quality CE courses for you all in a new format, allowing for breaks at     different times to give us more access to exhibits and guaranteeing you at least 8 CEs every Fall, just a friendly reminder that we can get up to 8 hours of CE with online courses or home study. Our ultimate hope is that by relocating the budget from Spring meeting and making some additional changes we will be able to bring down our costs to make it easier for all to attend our CE events and continue to share our updates and information with you all. If you are interested in being involved with these changes let us know as different ideas and connections will enable us to make these changes more seamlessly.  I hope you will all be patient with us as we work out the new kinks and try our best to improve our Fall CE Meeting for everyone.


In closing, I’d like to thank you all for your support and efforts the past three years as I navigated the President position again. It’s been a long and busy three years but I am so excited for you all to get to know Emily more and see how our Board continues to evolve. While we know we have a few more changes that need to be made, we also know it will be important that we don’t do too much too fast. Even though it may often feel like we’ve made so many changes the past few years, I promise it will all be worth it once everything falls into place.

I hope to see you all at our Fall Session in Bismarck on September 14th & 15th!


Dana Schmit, President

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