Dana Schmit, President


It is my pleasure to introduce myself to all of you who may not have been able

to attend Fall Session with us this year. I am not going to lie, stepping into the

role of President for the NDDHA is daunting and I continue to sit back and

 think of what to write for the newsletter; what tasks I should be taking on; what areas I can work on to improve you experience with the NDDHA; and much more.  Therefore, I am asking for you, as members of our association, to become VOCAL and share with me any concerns you have; any suggestions you have for improving membership experience; areas you would like me to get to work on; etc.  I am not only SUPER new to this position, I am SUPER new to the dental hygiene world, having graduated from MState in 2017.  So, there you have it; I have started the new year with giving you all a task!!!


Dental hygiene is an AMAZING field to work in.  I absolutely love working in an FQHC clinic, reaching so many patients who may not have been to the dentist in 5 years, or ever for that matter.  Patients come with little oral hygiene IQ; with severe anxiety and fear; with limited resources to pay for dental care; and many other obstacles.  There is nothing as rewarding as seating a patient with utter distain and fear of the dental chair: to talk them gently through radiographs, an exam, a prophy; and, to walk them out as they express complete appreciation and gratitude for the care they received.  It takes compassion, patience, and a true love of the job to do this day after day, patient after patient especially when we have our own lives and circumstances to deal with.  But what I have witnessed in my young dental hygiene career is how MUCH we do for our patients.  How DEEPLY they appreciate our understanding that they are not the best brushers; that they maybe don’t floss like they should; that they just have not put their oral health as a priority; and yet, we use our gentle hearts, voices, and hands to provide them with an exceptional experience.  You are all AMAZING individuals!  To share your skills, knowledge, and love of oral healthcare every day is just INCREDIBLE.  I just hope that with all the New Year Resolutions you make and work on this year, you take a moment to sit back and think about how AWESOME you are.  We really do make a difference in many lives every day.


Thank you for being the amazing RDHs you are!  Thank you for the opportunity to serve as you President!  Thank you for all the emails I receive in the next month with ideas and suggestions you have for me!


Emily Mallory



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