Dana Schmit, President


President’s Message by Dana Schmit

I’m sitting here on another cold and windy winter morning in North Dakota wondering when Spring will decide to show up (and hopefully stick around).  I know I shouldn’t complain as I have willingly decided to live in North Dakota, but often find myself wondering what on earth I was thinking when venturing out into the cold.  One of my greatest reprieves this year has been knowing my winter traveling would be less than the previous.  2018 is an interim year for our state legislature which means I have more time at home with my family and fewer nights spent on phone calls and emails keeping up with what is going on.  I’m enjoying the time to connect with my twin boys (who are now 5 and constantly moving unless they are asleep) and keeping up with our extended family.


While I am enjoying the time I have at home, I find myself thinking about next year and the legislative session.  Many hygienists in our state tell me all the time they “don’t want to get into politics,.” I understand this. However, I also know that if we bury our heads in the sand and don’t stay informed will wake up one day and wonder what in the world happened and how did we get there.  I sometimes worry that too many of us just expect that NDDHA will always be here to make sure our profession remains just that, a profession.  One that gives us jobs, financial security and so much more.  The problem with always expecting someone else to do it is that people get burned out.  Some of my mentors from the Board are people who put 10+ years volunteering their free time for the good of us all.  Because of their hard work and diligence, dental hygienists can place sealants, administer local anesthetic and can perform many of our duties under general supervision. 


It is important for us all to remember that it takes a few minutes to ask questions about what is going on.  It also only takes a few minutes to reach out to your local representatives and let them know what your thoughts are. We all have opinions, but if you aren’t willing to share them and participate, it is hard to expect things to change or improve.  I ask that you consider asking more questions, reach out to find answers, be willing to send an occasional email or make a rare phone call.  If you are happy with where things are it is just as important to stay in the loop and let others know how you feel.  Communication is always important, without it, everything implodes on itself; in relationships, at work and with the organization that represents you and your job!  I promise to continue to get you information regarding our profession.  I promise to continue to do my best to represent our profession in the best possible light, and I promise always to be available to answer questions. 

NDDHA will be hosting CE in Minot on April 13th, 2018. Tricia Osuna, RDH, BSDH, FAADH will be presenting on What is it? How do I use it?: Today’s dental products and treatment options for 6 CE credits.  More information is in this newsletter or on our website. We will have some great gift bags to give away and you can purchase a raffle for a Crown Seating Saddle Stool. Don’t forget to set up an account with CE Zoom for easy CE tracking and to register for our CE events. I hope to see you there!


Dana Schmit, President

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